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The Elder Scrolls Online Will Look Better on PS4 Pro, Even Without a 4K TV


The Elder Scrolls Online Will Look Better on PS4 Pro, Even Without a 4K TV

A prettier Tamriel is on the way for everyone

During yesterday’s PlayStation Meeting, it was revealed that The Elder Scrolls Online would be one of the first games to benefit from the additional power of the PS4 Pro.

Today, ZeniMax Online Studios has released a gameplay trailer, showcasing the improved visuals of the game when running on PS4 Pro.

The trailer, included below, should be watched on a 4K monitor to get a true reflection of the improvements made. The Elder Scrolls Online will be immediately playable in native 4K resolution, whether purchased new, or with existing game discs.

The Elder Scrolls Online is able to display in native 4K on PS4 Pro thanks to the wide range of PC specifications that the game was originally designed for. With a bit of scaling up on the presentation in line with what the PS4 Pro is capable of ZeniMax Online Studios has been able to make the realm of Tamriel look that little bit more beautiful.

What’s more, this means that even if PS4 Pro owners aren’t playing The Elder Scrolls Online with a 4K display, they’ll still benefit from increased graphical fidelity. Of course, the most notable changes will come when playing the game on a 4K TV.

The Pro is due to release Nov. 10, and The Elder Scrolls Online will support the additional horsepower of the system at launch with a free game update.

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