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Rocket League’s Free New Rumble Mode Launches Today

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Rocket League’s Free New Rumble Mode Launches Today

Rocket League is ready to rumble.

A brand new game mode called Rumble is heading later today to Rocket League according to developer Psyonix. The mode adds a number of very interesting power-ups to the game and will be available for free to all players regardless of platform.

Rumble’s new power-ups include some pretty crazy things like a boot that can be used to kick another opponent’s car away, a grappling hook that pulls the player towards the ball, a magnetizer that attracts the ball to the player’s car, a freezer that freezes the ball in place, and more. There will be a total of 11 new power-ups to play with in Rocket League starting today and the best thing about them is that they are all randomized in order to add even more fun and excitement to the game.

In addition to the power-ups, today’s Rocket League update also adds a new “Crates and Keys” system that will allow Psyonix to raise more prize pool money for eSports competitions. The system is pretty straightforward and involves crates that drop every once in a while at the end of a game and contain random exclusive items. The caveat is that these crates can only be unlocked via the newly introduced keys, which cost $1.49 and can also be purchased in bundles at a discount.

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