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No Man’s Sky Receives Another Big Patch on PS4

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky Receives Another Big Patch on PS4

The main course: “more bug fixes.”

Hello Games has just released the latest patch on PS4 for No Man’s Sky; their procedurally generated sci-fi exploration game which released last month on PC and PS4 to, er, mixed reviews.

Version 1.09 adds a significant 733MB to the game, and Hello Games hasn’t yet released any official patch notes to explain what exactly the update contains.

However, the good folks at Reddit have been compiling everything they can ascertain from the information detailed when you download the patch onto the PS4 itself, and it looks as though the main point of the update is “more bug fixes.”

On top of that, the ability (or exploit, depending on your perspective) to stack items in your inventory has been removed, saving the game is now apparently a faster process, and new music has been added to the experience.

No word yet on whether or when the patch will be arriving to the PC version of the game, which was notoriously buggy at launch.

Hello Games has been super quiet since the release of No Man’s Sky in August, so here’s hoping they eventually provide some transparency on the future of the game going forward.

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