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Death Stranding Will Release before 2019, Feature “New Form of Co-op Play”


Death Stranding Will Release before 2019, Feature “New Form of Co-op Play”

No longer stranded in a sea of questions.

One of E3 2016’s biggest mysteries came in the form of Death Stranding, with a trailer so ambiguous that it would give The Sopranos’ ending a run for its money. However, at TGS this year, Kojima did elaborate on it a bit. He stated that it was an open world online game and also stated that the team has established the game’s engine and is currently working on it. Now, less then a day ago on Twitter, more details have been revealed about the game.

Several tweets contained information about the upcoming game. The first tweet hinted at the online component of the game:

The next tweet suggested that there may be a female protagonist and that Death Stranding was still going through the casting process:

The third tweet then confirmed that the game has a release date:

A final tweet then gave an estimation as to when Death Stranding will be coming out:

The Akira the tweet is referring to is the anime film of the same name, which is set in 2019. The Tokyo Olympic Games will be taking place in 2020. Thus, the game is at least three to four years away from its release if these tweets are any indication.

Death Stranding will likely remain one of the most high-profile games that has yet to come out for a while. Given its director, the intrigue of the trailer, and popular actors involved, Death Stranding will definitely have the benefit of hype upon its release. While these tweets don’t mean there’s anything set in stone, the two regarding the game’s release date are significant. There’s always a chance it will get delayed past the expected release date, but now gamers can rest in knowing that Death Stranding is three to four years away, however long that may be.



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