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Here’s Why Dead Rising 4’s Frank West Is Voiced by a New Actor

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Here’s Why Dead Rising 4’s Frank West Is Voiced by a New Actor

Frank is back, but he’s a bit different.

Frank West, the original Dead Rising protagonist and fan favorite, is making a comeback for the next game, Dead Rising 4. He’s not quite the same character however, and that also means he’s gotten a new voice actor.

Frank West was originally voiced by TJ Rotolo, who hasn’t been brought back for the new game. In a fan Q&A this week Trant Lee-Aimes, the Dead Rising asset manager, gave an explanation as to why this change was happening. It’s mostly due to the fact that the events of Dead Rising 4 take place 16 years after the original game. Here’s what Lee-Aimes had to say, “We wanted to work with someone to provide a more grizzled, older take on Frank at this stage–just don’t ask him about his age.”

Lee-Aimes was also quick to point out that the change didn’t mean any disrespect to TJ and the job he did with Frank West. He pointed to how the character of James Bond always changes as reference and said, “It was a chance to with a new game to progress the franchise as best we can with a different vision just as we see new James Bonds over the years. I vote Idris Elba for the next James Bond.”

Capcom wanted someone that would bring a new take to Frank, while at the same time providing the wit and charm that fans always liked. At this point in time Capcom hasn’t actually announced the new actor behind the character, but Lee-Aimes looks forward to sharing that information with fans soon.

Dead Rising 4 launches on December 6, for Xbox One and PC. Two new trailers invite players back to the Willamete Mall, and show a haunting interpretation of Black Friday. You can also take a look at some of the crazy pre-order bonuses available for the game.

What do you think about Capcom’s decision to switch up Frank West’s voice actor? Is it a good idea to reflect the character’s age, or do you want good old Frank back? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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