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Dead Rising 4’s Teddy Bear-Ripping Cinematic Trailer Is Haunting

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4’s Teddy Bear-Ripping Cinematic Trailer Is Haunting

Just a little something to make you never want to go Black Friday shopping ever again.

Black Friday and the Christmas season may not seem creepy on the surface. But add in a spine-chilling Christmas carol, an exploding Teddy bear, and some brain-munching zombies and you get one creepy new trailer for Dead Rising 4.

Embracing the animation style of an old cartoon or comic book, the trailer sets quite the mood. The fact that mood is a far stretch from the zombie-slaughtering chaos the series is known for is likely beside the point.

Earlier this summer Capcom discussed the fact they are taking a “more measured” approach to Dead Rising 4. “We brought back the investigation and photojournalism of Dead Rising 1, and that’s what’s going to progress you through the game. It’s all about learning the story of Willamette,” Executive Producer Bryce Cochrane said.

“We’re still the fun zombie game. We don’t take ourselves seriously. That’s not going to change with Dead Rising 4. There will just be more avenues for you to take if you want to vary the experience.”

Dead Rising 4 releases on Xbox One and Windows 10 Dec. 6.

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