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PSVR’s Here They Lie Trailer Takes Us Down the Rabbit Hole


PSVR’s Here They Lie Trailer Takes Us Down the Rabbit Hole

Tumbling down

Tangentlemen’s existential horror, Here They Lie, promises an unsettling VR experience that looks to capitalize on the potential of horror for Sony’s new platform.

The new trailer is one in the classic mold: it doesn’t give much away at all, while whetting our appetite for the game:

Unnerving isn’t it? It looks as though the game takes influences from a number of different places: From BioShock, to Inception, to The Shining, it looks to conjure some truly creepy imagery and send us down a VR rabbit hole.

There is room for reasonable suspicion of a different kind as well – not much is actually known about Here They Lie at this point, from gameplay, to plot. From the trailer it looks as though you play as a man in search of a woman – we see her in a yellow dress in the trailer – and perhaps in search of an escape. Chilling creatures creep through the environment as well, so there may well be room for combat or stealth.

It certainly looks the part and if atmosphere is anything to go by, then there’s good reason to take a trip. It certainly seems that horror is going to be a good fit for VR, given the likes of Until Dawn and Resident Evil 7 being available for the new platform. The game, which is first-person, can also be played without VR and so will be available for all to play on October 13th.

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