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Dark Souls 3 DLC Will Be The Final Chapter in The Souls Series

dark souls iii ashes of ariandel

Dark Souls 3 DLC Will Be The Final Chapter in The Souls Series

Prepare yourself for the end, Ashen one.

Ever since its announcement back at E3 2015, fans of the Dark Souls series have been left wondering as to whether this would be the final entry of the From Software saga. The plot thickened when a press release referred to the game as “the final episode,” and left many fearing that the next game would indeed be the last. With the first of two planned additions coming out next month, From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki answered the burning question at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

When asked if the DLC packs would conclude the series, he made it clear on that Dark Souls would be coming to an end. “It’s time to move away from the Dark Souls franchise,” Miyazaki stated. “As president of From Software, I’m not completely denying the possibility of bringing back the franchise in the future. There could be someone else in my company who wants to work on new instalments. But we believe that the series will end after the two DLC.”

Although he didn’t say for definite that the series would never return, he seems adamant that the series will be put to rest for the time being. However, fans of the Dark Souls style of game may find some consolation when Miyazaki spoke about future games. “I’m not saying I won’t work on a Dark Souls-like game or a dark fantasy game,” he added. “We’d like to carry over some of the good things from the franchise to new products. As new technology is introduced, we would like to take what we learned from Dark Souls and use it in future IP.”

Dark Souls 3’s first DLC addition, entitled Ashes of Ariandel, will release next month on Oct 26.


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