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Sorry, No Pokemon GO at the Pentagon Allowed

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Sorry, No Pokemon GO at the Pentagon Allowed

Gotta catch all those classified secrets!

Pokemon Go is sweeping the country and the world, but the popularity of the handheld game has driven some places to make it clear players of Niantic’s newest title are not welcome. The latest facility to make it clear those looking to catch ’em all are not allowed is the Pentagon.

The Department of Defense issued a warning about Pokemon Go using the application in the building on July 19, according to the Washington Times. It’s not that the DoD is against employees having fun, rather it’s the worry that fun is going to carry Pentagon staffers into areas they aren’t supposed to be wandering as they go looking for the rarest and most exotic of the Pokemon creatures.

This is the second time the DoD has had to issue a memorandum concerning Pokemon Go. When the game first hit the states, Niantic had ill-advisedly decided the Pentagon would be a perfect place for a gym. Needless to say, defense officials were none too happy to hear about the decision. It didn’t take long for the developers to be contacted about removing the site from their official game maps.

This is far from the only a government installation has been at the heart of a controversy since Pokemon Go’s launch. Just days after it went live, the National Holocaust Museum had to issue a statement asking people not to play the title on its grounds. In that instance, the issue was less about people stumbling into classified locations and more about people not respecting the solemnity of the museum as they went looking for their Pikachus and Charmanders.

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