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Roadhog Pulled an Iron Giant in Overwatch, Died For Our Victory


Roadhog Pulled an Iron Giant in Overwatch, Died For Our Victory


A lot of crazy and funny stuff has managed to happen in Overwatch since its release in May. This move is still pretty funny, but it’s also kind of sad, particularly for anyone who grew up in the late ’90s and watched a certain animated film. See, a Roadhog player managed to get the drop on someone as D.Va using his chain. Nothing new there…except for when he pulled an Iron Giant.

Yeah, man. They went there. For those who haven’t seen the Iron Giant, just imagine Superman if he was an alien robot voiced by Vin Diesel.. The 1999 film, despite its poor box office returns, was a critical hit and still has an audience that loves it to this day. Last year, it was re-released last year as an extended version, and more recently, Gearbox’s Mikey Neumann did a video on what’s made it so great.

Of all the Overwatch characters, Roadhog is the one I wouldn’t have pegged to take after the titular robot, but damn if it doesn’t work. Sigh…that was a great movie. If this wasn’t a Play of the Game during the match, there’s no good in this world.

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