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Scalebound Will Let You Customize Your Dragon’s Attacks, Armor, and More

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Scalebound Will Let You Customize Your Dragon’s Attacks, Armor, and More

Build the perfect dragon friend.

Platinum Games’ upcoming Xbox One and PC title Scalebound throws players into a fast-paced action RPG with your very own dragon companion. That dragon will serve as your combat partner, means of travel, and friend throughout the action-packed adventure. The developers revealed at Gamescom 2016 that to further that bond between the player and their dragon, they’ll be able to customize their beastly compatriot.

Serving as the base for these customizations are the three basic dragon types you’ll be able to choose from at the beginning of Scalebound. These are:

  • Rex : A two-legged dragon that is well balanced, offering a range of skills in air and ground combat, as well as maneuverability.
  • Tank: Slower than the Rex but much more powerful and has the ability to take a lot of punishment.
  • Wyvern: Exceptionally quick and powerful while in the air, but suffers during ground combat.

As players fight and defeat enemies, they’ll earn gems which can then be used at Dragon Shrines to augment their dragon. By morphing the dragon, you can adopt traits of the other types you didn’t pick, and these are more than just statistical changes, too, they actually show in game through aesthetic alterations based on what you choose. For example: if you have a Wyvern and decided to give it more Tank abilities, it’s body will fill out to show a more formidable build. At these shrines, you will also be able to place different buffs that you’ve collected into one of five slots. These can add an Ice Tail to your dragon, providing an extra type of elemental damage, or other numerous changes.

Outside of simply changing your dragon’s abilities and form, you can also give it armor. These pieces of armor are purchased with currency you earn from playing through Scalebound. Do keep in mind, though, that armor does take damage and you will have to repair and replace pieces as needed, adding an extra layer of depth to your gear management.

According to Platinum Games Creative Producer J.P. Kellams (via Game Informer) this will allow for players to create a unique dragon perfect for them. He states “When you’re playing in multiplayer, it’s very likely that your dragon and my dragon will be totally different” when speaking about the potential for variety.

Scalebound is due out some time in 2017 for the Xbox One and PC. Are you excited to fly your own dragon? Let us know in the comments below.


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