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No Man’s Sky Player Maxes Out All Gear Without Leaving Starting Planet

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky Player Maxes Out All Gear Without Leaving Starting Planet

Now that’s how you prepare for a journey.

No Man’s Sky is all about exploration and discovery. Players are urged to take to the the stars in order to find their fortune, as well as acquire the blueprints needed to upgrade their gear. Well, one player on Reddit, who goes by the name of DoktorFeelgood, managed to do all of the exploration and discovery they needed to max out their gear without ever setting foot off of their first planet.

After over 25 hours, the players has an Exosuit with 48 slots, a Starship with 48 slots, and a Multi-tool with 24 slots making them ready for anything. Those feats alone are impress but that’s not all DoktorFeelgood was able to do on their first No Man’s Sky planet. They also managed to find the blueprint need to find an Atlas Pass, make a quick few million Units, learn over 300 words in an alien language, and manage to not die in a world plagued by acid rain.  That Atlas Pass part is very interesting, considering how difficult it can be to come across one randomly.

When all was said and done, the player posted their findings on Reddit stating “I think I’m ready to begin my journey.” Talk about being prepared.

Have you had any amazing luck on a planet in No Man’s Sky? Or are you still flying about in that very first ship you started with. Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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