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Sun and Moon Will Let You Save the Lives of its Dumbest Pokemon


Sun and Moon Will Let You Save the Lives of its Dumbest Pokemon

This is exciting!

Fans have seen plenty of things from the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any surprises left. In a video uploaded to YouTube, fans get to see what looks like a possible side quest taking place.

The video in question was uploaded by comics magazine V Jump, according to a translation from Polygon. In the clip we see the main character talking to someone on the beach. The player then has to go around and throw some Pyukumuku back into the water so they don’t starve to death. According to its Pokedex entry, Pyukumuku will a find a spot they like and just stay there for days, which leads to them dying. The locals will throw the Pokemon back into the sea and some people get paid to do so. As shown in the video, the character receives 20,000 in-game currency for doing just that.

Sadly, Pyukumuku tend to go back to their favorite spot after a short while, this could mean that this mission is replayable, but nothing is confirmed for now. This is interesting to see since Pokemon Sun and Moon have decided to take a different direction with their gym system, this could mean that other things, such as side quests, will play a role in the game.


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