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League of Legends Solo Queue Is Coming Back For Some Players

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League of Legends Solo Queue Is Coming Back For Some Players

The queue that got away.

League of Legends Solo Queue is going to be making a grand return, Riot announced today to the surprise of many players. The queue that got away – and the one Riot previously said would not be returning – won’t be back for everyone, though.

Lead producer New001 explained the upcoming changes in a new post in Riot Pls – a series that goes in depth on Riot’s reasoning towards some of the most common player requests and controversial game decisions.

“Dynamic queue is still failing to meet many of your needs,” New001 began. “More specifically, it’s undermined competitive integrity at the highest levels of play. It’s taken us too long to get here and we apologize for the delay.”

“For players near the top of the ladder, we’re bringing back solo queue and making a number of other changes focused on competitive integrity. For 2017, we’re developing a new ranked experience that offers legitimate competitive standings for all types of players.”

Changes to higher tiers are at the top of Riot’s to-do list as of now, as the nature of Dynamic Queue has most negatively impacted those brackets with high queue times and difficulties with skill and premade matchmaking.

Over the next few patches, ranked play in Challenger tier will change to purely Solo Queue, while Diamond and Master tiers will offer Solo/Duo. A few other tweaks will accompany these changes:

  • We’re tightening the decay rules in Challenger and Master tier to encourage healthier competition at the highest level of play.
  • We want to raise the bar on how we recognize players who hit the top of the ladder at the end of the competitive season, so we’re working on new physical rewards for Challenger (more details coming soon).
  • We’re adding an autofill ‘grace period’ for all players and a guarantee that you’ll never be autofilled during a promotion series. Autofill is essential for ensuring shorter queue times during off-peak hours, but it can be pretty obnoxious if it happens back-to-back (this generally only happened at Master+).

New001 continues to say Riot will be looking out for feedback and is still committed to providing a quality competitive experience: “it’s never been a goal for us to make League more casual. We believe League is for hardcore gamers, and mistakenly believed we could offer real competition to all parties with the same experience. Our long-term vision is to be a global sport, and our goal remains the same: to offer competitive experiences for all players, from solo competition to focused, competitive teamplay.”

“We’re committed to continuing to improve League for you. Thanks for sticking with us.”


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