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Pokemon GO’s Tracking System is Back, Here’s How it Works

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Pokemon GO’s Tracking System is Back, Here’s How it Works

Pokemon GO players can now partially experience the new tracking system.

Pokemon GO developer Niantic has apparently been listening closely to the community feedback these past few days and is attempting to finally fix the tracking system. The company already took the first steps needed to remedy the situation and has pushed a small update earlier today that temporarily removed the “Nearby” tab and replaced it with a very similar one called “Sightings”.

The Sightings tab doesn’t show a whole lot of details just yet and only a rather small portion of trainers have reportedly received the latest Pokemon GO update, however, all signs point to the fact that Niantic is merely testing some new features right now before fully implementing the new and improved tracking system. According to NeoGAF user adamy, at least one trainer already has access to the complete new user interface and has posted a few screenshots showing that the Nearby tab will be modified to show neighboring Pokestops and the Pokemon one might find in their vicinity.

Based on some of the screenshots posted in the thread, it seems like taping on a Pokestop takes the player to the overview map in order to give the player a better look at its exact location. As for how to find Pokemon in the wild, players will now have to use the Sightings tab for that, which not only shows nearby wild Pokemon but also gives the player a hint about how close they are.

As mentioned before, this new update doesn’t seem to be available to all Pokemon GO trainers right now and there are conflicting reports regarding how well some of the features work even among those who were able to download it. We’ll be back with more information as the story develops.

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