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Australian Citizens Are Begging Jedi Not to Ruin the Census


Australian Citizens Are Begging Jedi Not to Ruin the Census

Damn Jedi, ruining everything.

Tomorrow in Australia, citizens will be making the most important decision of their lives. One that’ll stick with them for the country’s history. They will be holding a census, and there’s a group of people that are begging fellow citizens to quit listing “Jedi” as their religion. This has been an issue since 2006, where 58,053 people listed that. In 2011, that number expanded to 64,390 listing the Star Wars faction as their religion. As such, it’s now right behind Sikh on the list of religions in the country, though it’s not clear how many of them actually exhibit Force sensitivity. (Odds are: few to none.)

A religious group called the Atheist Foundation of Australia wants the joke to finally end, because to them, Jedi is classified as “Not Defined” when selected instead of “No Religion”, and it makes the country “more religious than it really is”. Further, the AFA thinks that the government will aim policy and tax money towards people who classify as religious, rather than serving the atheist population. Here’s their poster:

If the Australian government would actually shift their policy towards the Jedi, well then, clearly Palpatine wasn’t completely crazy for power like the movies would have you believe. Who’d think that the land down under could be where Star Wars begins?

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