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Pokemon GO PokeStops Are Disappearing a Little Too Easily

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Pokemon GO PokeStops Are Disappearing a Little Too Easily

A new issue has been raised in regards to the matter of removing PokeStops off Pokemon Go.

Have you recently noticed a missing PokeStop in your usual Pokemon GO trainer routine? No, you’re not going crazy; there’s a reason why it might be gone.

Back in July, Niantic introduced an option to report certain PokeStops and have them permanently removed from the game. Recently, there have been numerous cases of this taking place, such as that of Utah’s Provo City Library where up to four Stops have seemingly gone off the grid. The catch is, however, that it wasn’t the Library who asked for their removal.

This opens a whole new can of worms. If the institution in question wasn’t responsible for the PokeStops’ removal, who was? Additionally, should a third, potentially unrelated party even be able to affect the geography of Pokemon GO in these cases?

It was only a matter of time before Niantic included the option to get rid of some PokeStops seeing as how there were a fair few people who weren’t too happy to host their own trainer dens for this reason or the other.

Naturally, there are certain places where PokeStops are simply out of place and completely and utterly inappropriate, such as the Holocaust Museum incident, but making the option to request removals from Niantic widely available may have been a step too far.

We’ll see how the situation with Pokemon GO unfolds, but it’s safe to say we may be out of the honeymoon phase by now.

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This post was originally written by Filip Galekovic.

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