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Battlefield 1 Amazon Collector’s Edition Doesn’t Include the Game

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Amazon Collector’s Edition Doesn’t Include the Game

No laser guns, no jet packs and apparently no game either.

A Collector’s Edition is a great way for gamers who can afford to spend a bit more extra cash on their highly anticipated titles to grab a hold of some exclusive collectors items such as statues, T-shirts, replicas and art books. As is the case with Battlefield 1, but there’s a catch, namely that its Collector’s Edition doesn’t even come with the game itself.

Wait, what? Is this really a thing now? The Amazon Exclusive Collector’s Edition of Battlefield 1 apparently won’t include the main game, meaning you’re paying $129.99 just for all of its collectible items, which include a statue, an (empty) steel book cover, a cloth poster and a bunch more. Check out the official Amazon description for the full contents of this Collector’s Edition, as well as an image showcasing its contents:

“The Battlefield 1 Amazon Exclusive Collector’s Edition includes Collector’s Edition Statue (14″ Tall), Exclusive Steel book, Exclusive cloth poster, Deck of playing cards, Messenger pigeon tube with exclusive DLC content, Exclusive patch, and Premium packaging. This bundle does not include the game.”

Battlefield 1: Amazon Exclusive Collector's Edition

While the items included in the set sure sound appealing to the collecting crowd, some may find it quite ridiculous to pay such a high price for an edition that doesn’t even include the actual game itself. There are Collector’s Editions out there around the same price that come with more physical and digital content with the game alongside it (Max Payne 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight come to mind), making this quite a steep price for the items you’re getting.

Let’s just hope they’ll release a Collector’s Edition that ships with a copy of Battlefield 1 so that we can fully immerse ourselves in trench warfare from the get-go. Minus all the mustard gas and soaring bullets and gruesome violence, that is.



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