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Lost Soul Aside Dev Receiving Offers From Major Publishers, Thanks Everyone For Support

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Lost Soul Aside Dev Receiving Offers From Major Publishers, Thanks Everyone For Support

The one-man developed game has been generating some buzz.

Last week, a trailer for a game called Lost Soul Aside took everyone by surprise with gorgeous visuals and some fast, frenetic combat that looked similar to Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden. The most impressive part of everything though, was that the game is developed by a single Korean indie dev named Yang Bing.

Bing cited Final Fantasy XV as a direct inspiration for the look and feel of Lost Soul Aside, and even as his motivation to start creating his own game when he watched a trailer for it two years ago. It’s been a busy week for the one-man developer as it seems he’s had an outpouring of support from people impressed with the game.

Bing took to his Facebook page to provide updates on what’s been happening, first by thanking everyone for their support and enthusiasm.

“I read many comments yesterday,thank you for encouraging me and thank you for asking to help,I can say nothing else but thank you guys.Some people said they get some motivation to do their own game,I’m very glad to be that guy though I’m just a normal developer. Thank you again.”

Some people have even recommended that Bing takes Lost Soul Aside to Kickstarter, which he says would just be too much for him to deal with at the moment. Two big publishers have also contacted the dev in regards to the game,

“And there are some good news that I got contacted from Sony and Epic Games, I don’t know if I can get their help but this really gives me more confidence to finish Lost Soul Aside.”

At this point, Bing is planning to stop creating content, and take some time to consider the future of Lost Soul Aside. It’s clear the project has meant a lot to him, and it’s incredible to see what he’s created in only two years. Whether he takes someone up on an offer to help with the game, or continues working on it by himself, we’ll surely keep hearing about it. Take a look at Bing’s Facebook page for all of his comments, and you can also take a look at the newly created official Facebook page for Lost Soul Aside.

What do you think of Lost Soul Aside? Would you like to see Bing take a publisher up on their offer, or continue working on it with a small team or Kickstarter campaign? Leave a comment down below and let us know.


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