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Destiny Rise of Iron’s Wolves Use the Same MoCap Dog As Game of Thrones

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Destiny Rise of Iron’s Wolves Use the Same MoCap Dog As Game of Thrones

Ghost returns in Rise of Iron.

No one would blame you if you said Destiny’s upcoming Rise of Iron expansion looked a bit like Game of Thrones. They both feature snowy terrains, giant walls, some sort of plague, and – as we recently learned – the same wolf.

In an interview with Metro, world design lead Steve Cotton shared a little on the wolves used to model those that follow Saladin around in Rise of Iron. “We learned a lot of things about the wolves,” Cotton said on working with Wolf Haven, a wolf preservation trust. “They were great to work with, and the other interesting fact to know about the wolves is that the mocap that we used is the same dog that they used for Ghost in Game Of Thrones.”

Image result for ghost game of thrones

Ghost AKA Jon Snow’s direwolf.

Aside from fluffy animals, Rise of Iron will be bringing a new, light-focused raid to Destiny that’s all about“smashing s— into other s—.” Players will also get a chance to discover the birthplace of the Gjallarhorn.

For more on Rise of Iron, check out these screenshots from Gamescom 2016 and stay tuned to Twinfinite for future updates.

Destiny Rise of Iron releases Sept. 20 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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