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Bioshock: The Collection Requires 70GB on Xbox One


Bioshock: The Collection Requires 70GB on Xbox One

Almost as heavy as the lighthouse where it all starts. Almost.

With Bioshock: The Collection now being available for pre-order and pre-installing on Xbox One, WCCF Tech reports the collection of all three Bioshock games will require a massive 70GB of free space to install. No complete download size is stated anywhere on the page, but the aforementioned source did some digging and compared the game file sizes of these remastered versions with their original counterparts.

Courtesy of WCCF Tech

Courtesy of WCCF Tech

The remaster of 2009’s original Bioshock will require about 16.42GB to install, which is roughly 12GB more than the original’s 4.66GB download size. That’s quite a hefty increase in size, but by far not the worst of the bunch.

The follow-up, 2010’s Bioshock 2, will require roughly the same amount of space, weighing in at about 16.64GB. The last-gen version of the game was merely 6.41GB large however, increasing the file’s size by almost a full 10GB.

The largest game in this collection is the latest Bioshock: Infinite, clocking in at a mad 36.35GB. Not only is that more than the two previous remasters combined, but the 2013 original required but 6.49GB on an Xbox 360. That’s almost 30GB larger compared to the last-gen version of the game!

For sizes this immense, this next-gen Bioshock collection better shines brighter than one of Rihanna’s diamonds.

Bioshock: The Collection launches on September 13th in North America for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Other release dates are September 15th in Australia and September 16th worldwide.



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