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Witcher 3 Players Can Now Use Nvidia’s Ansel to Create Stunning Screenshots

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Witcher 3 Players Can Now Use Nvidia’s Ansel to Create Stunning Screenshots

Witcher 3 screenshots are about to get even prettier that before.

The Witcher 3 is an incredibly beautiful game and as such, its beauty deserves to be captured and shared with all other players. Until recently, gamers had to rely on the regular screenshot function in order to capture that perfect picture of Geralt and Roach, however, that outdated system is likely to change starting today because The Witcher 3 now supports Nvidia’s Ansel technology.

For those who may be unfamiliar with this technology, Ansel is essentially Nvidia’s version of Photo Mode and has already been available for some time for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and a handful of other titles. Thanks to Nvidia Ansel, Witcher 3 players will now have the option to pause the game at any time, add a cool visual effect, and take the perfect high-resolution screenshot of their surroundings. In addition, Ansel also offers free camera movement, a 360-degree photo mode, and a number of other very interesting features specifically designed for those who see game photography as an art form.

In order to receive access to all the new features introduced by Ansel, players simply need to grab the latest Witcher 3 update from Steam or GOG, depending on their version of the game, and also download the new GameReady Nvidia drivers from the official website or the desktop client.

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