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Spotify Isn’t Coming to the Xbox One Anytime Soon


Spotify Isn’t Coming to the Xbox One Anytime Soon

Spotify remains with Sony.

This Summer, the Xbox One is getting a big update which will add several new features to the console, such as the ability to have background music. This is a feature that has been available on the PlayStation 4 for some time via a partnership with Spotify. Some gamers have been wondering if the exclusive deal with Sony has come to an end, and that the Xbox One will also use Spotify, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

A Twitter user recently asked the company if the Xbox One will get a Spotify app, but it seems this isn’t going to happen.

Sony first partnered with Spotify in March of last year and it seems the partnership is still on-going. The Xbox One is due to get background music support on August 2. Some have speculated that the company will use Microsoft’s Groove Music service, formerly known as Xbox Music. Whatever happens, no doubt Microsoft will be able to secure a feature that’s on the same level as Spotify.

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