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Pokemon GO Players Get Shot At After Being Mistaken for Burglars

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Pokemon GO Players Get Shot At After Being Mistaken for Burglars

Suspicious trainers spotted.

Seems like Pokemon GO players just can’t catch a break. In the latest Pokemon GO-related unfortunate incident, two teens playing the game at night were mistaken for burglars trying to burgle a house. According to the Orlando Sentinel, a man heard a loud noise outside his home at around 1:30am, and took his handgun out to go investigate.

He grabbed his handgun and went outside to investigate. As he came up to the car, he overheard one of the two teens say “did you get anything?” Troiano said.

That’s when the man stepped in front of the vehicle, thinking they had possibly broken into his home, raised his gun and ordered them not to move, officials said.

The vehicle sped towards him and he moved out of its path. He then fired rounds at the vehicle because he said it “was attempting to strike him,” Troiano said.

The teens sped off, and one of their mothers reported the shooting incident to the authorities after they discovered the damage that had been done to the car. No arrests have been made, and the police are still looking into the incident.

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