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The First Ever Kirby Cafe is Opening in Japan Soon


The First Ever Kirby Cafe is Opening in Japan Soon

I hope they’ll serve star cakes.

Themed restaurants are nothing new in Japan, but Nintendo seems to finally be spreading its culinary wings to the world of Kirby. This August, the first Kirby-themed restaurant will open in Japan, aptly-named the Kirby Cafe.

Nintendo really seems to be embracing diversification, especially considering just how soon the Kirby Cafe is opening after the change of company policy that is allowing it. Nintendo’s new Articles of Incorporation, which were detailed in May, said that the company would soon be investing in restaurants, medical devices, and computer software.

The company has also seen recent wave of new interests. Back in May, Nintendo announced their new movie venture, though we’ve yet to see what property the film will about. Miitomo, the company’s first ever mobile release, has also seen great success, though most of the audience seems to have moved away from it in recent months. It’s clear that Nintendo wants to be in many corners of its audience’s life, so we can expect to see more elaborate restaurants if the Kirby Cafe pans out well.

What do you think of this news? Would you go to a Nintendo-themed restaurant?



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