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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Rock Type Pokemon


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Rock Type Pokemon

Seeing as how Ice and Fire types seem to reign supreme in Pokemon GO, you’ll want a Rock type to counter all of that power. Thankfully, these Pokemon aren’t too difficult to find, although you may have to travel a bit out of your way depending on the kind of environment around you

Like Ground types, these particular Pokemon tend to populate areas where the earth can be seen. By earth we mean rocks, sand, stone, things of that nature – or places where the app thinks you’ll see things of that nature. So you’ll want to check out desert-like areas around your home, mountains, and anywhere else where you can see a lot of rocks and dirt, like parking lots or parks. There are a few exceptions, as Geodude can be seen just about anywhere in cities and towns. Still, your best bet is to search the geographical areas associated with the type. You’ll have the highest probability with encountering a Rock type Pokemon there, which will help you earn the Hiker medal in Pokemon GO.

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Once you have your medals and all of the Pokemon you want, you’ll probably want to move onto your next hurdle. We’ve got you covered for that too, just check out our Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide for all the information you need to become the very best.

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