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Pokemon GO: How to Get All Medals (Bronze, Silver, & Gold) Guide


Pokemon GO: How to Get All Medals (Bronze, Silver, & Gold) Guide

Pokemon GO comes with its own set of achievements called Medals, because it’s not enough to just catch ’em all anymore. Each gives trainers a task to complete, with Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers of completion. Additional Medals appear as you begin fulfilling them; for example, you won’t see the Youngster medal until you catch a Rattata weighing under 1kg. To help you collect ’em all, we’ve put together a list of every achievement in Pokemon GO, and how many times you’ll have to do its task to get the Bronze, Silver, and Gold versions of it. Some higher numbers are still unknown, but we’ll keep updating this list as new Gold details emerge.

General Medals

JoggerWalk # km10, 100, ?
KantoRegister # Pokemon in the Pokedex5, 50, 100
CollectorCapture # Pokemon30, 500, 2000
ScientistEvolve # Pokemon3, 20, 200
BreederHatch # Eggs10, 100, ?
BackpackerVisit # PokeStops100, 1000, 2000
Battle GirlWin # Gym Battles10, 100, ?
Ace TrainerTrain # times10, 100, 1000
YoungsterCatch # Rattata weighing 1kg or below3, 50, ?
Pikachu FanCatch # Pikachu3, 50, ?
FishermanCatch # Magikarp weighing 1kg or below3, 50, ?

Type Medals – 10 (Bronze), 50 (Silver), 200 (Gold)

SchoolkidCatch # Normal-type Pokemon
Black BeltCatch # Fighting-type Pokemon
Bird KeeperCatch # Flying-type Pokemon
Punk GirlCatch # Poison-type Pokemon
Ruin ManiacCatch # Ground-type Pokemon
HikerCatch # Rock-type Pokemon
Bug CatcherCatch # Bug-type Pokemon
KindlerCatch # Fire-type Pokemon
GardenerCatrch # Grass-type Pokemon
RockerCatch # Electric-type Pokemon
PsychicCatch # Psychic-type Pokemon
Fairy Tale GirlCatch # Fairy-type Pokemon
Hex ManiacCatch # Ghost-type Pokemon
SwimmerCatch # Water-type Pokemon
Depot AgentCatch # Steel-type Pokemon
SkierCatch # Ice-type Pokemon
Dragon TamerCatch # Dragon-type Pokemon
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