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Pokemon GO: What PokeStops With Pink Flower Petals Are


Pokemon GO: What PokeStops With Pink Flower Petals Are

Pokemon GO is filled with wonders, many of them aren’t really explained by in-game tutorials or tips. One such wonder you might come across are PokeStops surrounded by pink, floating flower petals. What’s going on over there? A Pokemon party, that’s what.

Those pink flowers indicate that someone has used a Lure Module on the PokeStop. Lure Modules can be bought using PokeCoins from the in-game store, and placed onto a PokeStop to draw Pokemon to that location for 30 minutes. It functions a lot like Incense, except that the effect is stationary and will benefit any passing trainer. Dropping a lure is not only an easy way to attract Pokemon, but to draw in other Pokemon trainers in the nearby area. Take it from us, setting up a few Lures at a park is a great way to start an impromptu trainer meetup.

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