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Pokemon GO: How to Get Pokecoins for Free


Pokemon GO: How to Get Pokecoins for Free

Gotta earn ’em all, Pokecoins!

Pokemon GO has a lot of things going on. Between finding Pokemon quite literally in your backyard, and being able to amass a serious collection of these critters by exploring the real world, it can be one heck of an experience. However, some aspects of that experience, namely acquiring certain very useful items like Modules, requires a bit of currency known as Pokecoins.

Right now that currency is pretty difficult to obtain, but there still is a way to do so. Before you can even worry about that, though, you’ll need to reach Level 5. This will allow you to interact with the Gyms scattered around the world. Once you’re able to challenge Gyms, you will earn the ability to station one of your Pokemon at a Gym your team controls to defend. Each day you’ll earn 10 Pokecoins a day for every single Pokemon you have stationed, and you can earn up to 100 per day. While it’s a paltry amount compared to what you can purchase, it’s still something and is the only present way to get your trainer rolling in gold.

The alternative is to turn to Pokemon GO’s microtransactions. They’re a bit on the pricey side, but they’ll allow you to fill up your inventory with useful items much sooner rather than later.

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