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Pokemon GO Plus Device Release Gets Pushed Back to September

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Plus Device Release Gets Pushed Back to September


The Pokemon GO Plus Bluetooth device was originally supposed to get a global launch at the end of July. However, Nintendo has just announced via Twitter that the release has been pushed back to September instead. That’s a pretty big delay.

The Bluetooth device has been advertised as a supplementary accessory that will make your Pokemon-hunting adventures a little easier and more convenient. When you have the device connected to your mobile phone, the device will alert you anytime there’s a wild Pokemon nearby, or if you’re approaching a PokeStop or a Gym. It’s a very handy device that will keep you updated on your surroundings at all times, without you having to have your phone in your hands the whole time.

Preorders for the device have already been sold out, and there are already users on eBay trying to sell their preorders at a higher markup. The delay for the device’s release could be due to the fact that Pokemon GO still isn’t available in some major regions yet – Southeast Asia and Latin America come to mind – though that’s just speculation at this point.

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