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This Overwatch x Splatoon Crossover is All Kinds of Adorable


This Overwatch x Splatoon Crossover is All Kinds of Adorable

Are they squids or kids?

Since the launch of Overwatch back in May (which really isn’t that long ago), we’ve seen all sorts of crazy fan art of the game’s heroes. We’ve seen the heroes depicted as bowls of warm water, as cats, and of course, as corgis. I’m proud to present the latest in a long string of adorable (yet also somewhat strange) crossover fan art: the Overwatch heroes as Splatoon characters.

Tumblr user yourmobi has drawn all 22 heroes (including Ana) in the style of Splatoon’s paint-splashed, paint gun-wielding kids. And they look very adorable.

splatoon overwatch 3
splatoon overwatch 4
splatoon overwatch 5
splatoon overwatch 6

Heck, even beefy characters like Reinhardt don’t look out of place at all. What’s next in the line of Overwatch crossover fan art? Can we see them as Pokemon next?

Overwatch’s competitive ranked mode went live for PC and consoles at the start of this month, and Blizzard Entertainment also added Ana Amari, a support sniper character, to the roster. It’s heavily hinted that Sombra could be the 23rd character we see in this diverse cast.

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