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Pokemon GO Player Decides to Catch ‘Em All Using a Drone


Pokemon GO Player Decides to Catch ‘Em All Using a Drone

Gotta be the best, even from above.

While Pokemon GO players are out riding bikes or running around and playing the game, this tumblr user Perchbird has decided to take the skies. By that, we mean they have decided to attach their phone to a drone and fly it around.

Pokemon GO

From the pictures, it looks like they were able to control their phone from their laptop, allowing them to use the app on the ground. Since the phone is in the air, that means they can stay in one spot while collecting Pokemon in other places. This could also mean that they gain the mileage to hatch whatever eggs they have, challenge any gyms outside their reach and collect any items from Pokestops. It is not known how they got the app working on their laptop currently.

It’s also not known how they were able to control the drone and play or if they had someone to help them. This might be the start of a new way that people play Pokemon GO, as they have been spotted everywhere from on their bikes to even in their cars. While some methods are more dangerous than others, this one definitely takes the cake for being creative. What are some of your favorite traveling methods? Let us know in the comments below.


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