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Pokemon GO’s Magikarp Needs Way Too Much Candy To Evolve


Pokemon GO’s Magikarp Needs Way Too Much Candy To Evolve

The struggle is real.

When playing Pokemon GO, you can strengthen and evolve your Pokemon by giving them Candy. Different types of Pokemon require different amounts of Candy to evolve, similar to how different creatures evolve at different levels in the standard Pokemon games. Let’s just take a look at a few of them and see how they compare.

Caterpie is just a little guy, so it only needs a little bit of candy to become Metapod; 12 pieces to be exact.

Pokemon GO, Caterpie

Gastly requires a bit more patience, and needs 25 candy to become Haunter. NBD.

Pokemon GO, Gastly

Zubat won’t evolve to Golbat until you’ve got 50 candy to feed it. That’s okay, I guess.

Pokemon GO, Zubat

Magikarp, on the other hand; Magikarp is an entirely different story. It needs 400 candy to evolve into Gyarados. Yeah, you read that right.

Pokemon GO, Magikarp


Pokemon GO, Magikarp


Pokemon GO, Magikarp


Pokemon GO, Magikarp

One ambitious trainer on Reddit has already claimed victory in this quest, as you can see here. Are you going to try farming Magikarp to obtain the mighty Gyarados? If you are, let us know your progress in the comments!

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