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Pokemon GO’s Permissions Let it Read and Send Emails From Your Gmail Account

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Pokemon GO’s Permissions Let it Read and Send Emails From Your Gmail Account

But there’s a solution!

With all the popularity the newly released Pokemon GO app has been receiving within the past week, a very serious security issue might be getting overlooked. Users who signed up using a Google account are granting permissions to Niantic Labs to read and send emails on your personal Gmail account.

There is no clear indication that developer Niantic Labs are indeed using this power to read and send emails, but it still is a very serious privacy concern for millions of users.

This issue has been first discovered by a researcher, Adam Reeve who noticed it as a part of the sign-in process. If this raises a concern for you, there is a way to reverse it from accessing your account which you can modify here. Once you revoke permissions to the app it will automatically sign you out, but besides that, everything remains unaffected.

We’ve been hard at work to bring you plenty of Pokemon GO coverage, including 20 important features the game doesn’t explain, as well as a comprehensive wiki guide for all of your other unanswered questions.

Did you use a Google account to sign up and play? If so, does this raise a concern for you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and for more on Pokemon GO you can check out related articles below.


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