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Pokemon GO’s Abra Runs Away If You Miss Your First Throw


Pokemon GO’s Abra Runs Away If You Miss Your First Throw

Abra’s are still a tricky catch.

Now that Pokemon GO has released into a wild, we’re noticing quite a few similarities to the original games among the differences to them. One of those differences has to do with the mystical Pokemon, Abra, and the species’ tendency to teleport out of encounters.

Yes, just like he is in the regular Pokemon adventures, Abra is just as slippery to catch in Pokemon GO. This doesn’t come down to having a super high level or anything like that. Just its tendency to run away/ teleport out of anywhere it so desires. Which, of course, quite often happens to be encounters with Pokemon trainers.

When you encounter an Abra in Pokemon GO, you’re going to want to make sure you nail it first time. If you miss your throw or just don’t have a Pokeball strong enough to capture it, then Abra twirled around on the spot, dropped a puff of smoke and was gone in a flash. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to just find it in the surrounding area quickly again, either. When we encountered the psychic Pokemon, it completely disappeared off of the map and we’ve yet to find him again. Maybe his teleportation powers are real after all.

It’s best to stay on guard if you spot an Abra, but for all of your other Pokemon GO needs, be sure to check out our Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide.

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