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The President’s First Line of Defense is a Pidgeotto


The President’s First Line of Defense is a Pidgeotto

Find out who’s guarding the Oval Office in Pokemon GO

With Pokemon GO being the enormous success that it is, it’s obvious that the many gyms littered across the globe are going to pose some stiff competition. Many famous cultural monuments and landmarks have been used as the gyms, which means that if you can train your favourite Pokemon and defeat the leader, you can claim a piece of territory within the game.

One of the most historic landmarks currently being used as a gym is of course The White House in Washington, DC. Players from Team Instinct/Mystic and Valor have been staking the place out for days, but the best acquisition so far has to go to redditor Boricua88.


Boricua managed to nab the oval office for Team Valor with his aptly named Pidgeotto ‘Merica’. I mean its not exactly a bald eagle, but it’s about as close as we’re going to get in the Pokeverse. I’d like to see anyone top that.

For more Pokemon GO news, keep it locked right here at Twinfinite.





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