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No Man’s Sky Video Series Kicks Off with a Trip to the Cosmos


No Man’s Sky Video Series Kicks Off with a Trip to the Cosmos

Let’s go exploring!

As the first chapter of a four-part series delving into the different aspects of No Man’s Sky, the first video goes into exploring the cosmos. Just like you’ve seen in other trailers and gameplay videos, you’ll be traveling to one of 18 quintillion (yes, quintillion) planets in search of resources. Of course, you’re also free to just roam the planet, see the wildlife, and do whatever you damn well please.

Each planet will have their own atmosphere (your HUD shows the biohazard symbol during some parts, indicating that you probably shouldn’t take your helmet off), weather, and day/night cycles. If you look up into the sky, you’ll also be able to see other ships flying overhead, though it’s unclear if this is other players or a different kind of faction. Just like all videos for the game, it’s set to music from 65daysofstatic, adding to the cosmic immersion.

No Man’s Sky comes to the PS4 on August 9. The next video in the four-part series will explore combat, but a specific release date for that one hasn’t been mentioned.

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