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Twitch Launches HTML 5 Video Player Beta


Twitch Launches HTML 5 Video Player Beta

Better later than never!

It’s no secret that the Twitch video player has been troubled for years. Based in Flash, it’s always been inefficient, and pretty bad at adapting to slower connections. But today, Twitch has launched the beta that will eventually phase out the Flash-based player and make room for a more modern and universal HTML 5 format.

The HTML 5 player has officially entered beta, but it’s only available for Twitch Turbo members for now. Turbo is essentially the service’s premium account, which rids the viewer of ads for $8.99/month. Depending on the computer, smart phone, or tablet, you may instantly notice a big difference in quality, frame rate, and buffer times with the new player.

Though, it is a beta, so don’t expect perfection. One of the biggest takeaways is that the service should now be compatible with essentially any web browser on a tablet or smart phone, which might be preferable if you’re not a fan of the official Twitch app. HTML 5 has been considered the widespread standard for internet video, so it’s a wonder that it took this long for the biggest streaming service on the planet to get with the program.

Twitch said that the new video player will be available to everyone sometime this summer, which, if the company has its seasons right, should mean late September at the latest.



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