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Fallout 4’s Codsworth Updated With 300 More Names To Say


Fallout 4’s Codsworth Updated With 300 More Names To Say

Ever wanted to be known as Jeoffrey, Rihanna or Cena in a video game? You’re in luck.

Bethesda updated Fallout 4 this week with another patch to tweak a whole variety of things, the most notable of which is the addition of 300 more words to the already extensive list of names that Codsworth – a robot companion in the game – is able to audibly call your character.

There are some sensible new inclusions – such as Kyle, Tina, Naomi and Bernie – but Bethesda have also added some more quirky names to the mix, including Rihanna, Wigglesworth, Joffrey and Sherlock.

The entire list has been posted in a screenshot by Reddit user Sable17, which you can check out here.

The 1.6 patch is currently only available on PC as of yesterday, with an Xbox One release slated for next week.

Besthesda also stated they are currently “working on timing” with regards to a PlayStation 4 drop.

Another new feature included in the update is the ‘ExitSave’ system which automatically creates a save whenever you exit to the main menu, before deleting itself once you reload it.

You can browse everything that’s been updated in the patch on Bethesda’s website, right here.

For everything else Fallout 4, stay tuned to Twinfinite.



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