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Report: Nintendo NX Mass Production Pushed Back to Include VR Features


Report: Nintendo NX Mass Production Pushed Back to Include VR Features

More VR, possibly.

UPDATE: We reached out to Nintendo of America for comment on the NX delay, and they responded by saying that they had nothing to say about this issue at this point in time.

Nintendo originally announced that the NX was scheduled to be released in March 2017. However, according to Digitimes‘ own sources, it looks like that release window might have to be pushed back a little. According to the Digitimes report, mass production for the new NX console has been postponed to early 2017 because Nintendo wishes to enhance the console and even add VR functionality.

“Sources from the related upstream supply chain pointed out that the delay was because Nintendo wished to enhance the game console’s video-game/handheld-game-integrated gaming experience and add virtual reality (VR) function into the system to gain advantages in the upcoming video game and mobile game competitions.”

The report also mentioned that the NX would be assembled by Foxconn Electronics, though the company itself has declined to comment on the matter. Digitimes goes on to explain that the console can be hooked up to a television to be used as a traditional gaming system, but it will also feature 5 to 7 inch display, complete with a controller and joystick for players to use as a mobile gaming device.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for comment, and we’ll keep you updated as more information comes our way.

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