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This Overwatch Player Has Already Reached Level 100

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This Overwatch Player Has Already Reached Level 100

No achievements for this though.

Overwatch doesn’t have a level cap, but still, hitting level 100 is pretty damn impressive. Twitch streamer FenderellaKN has been playing Overwatch since the game launch last week, and has clocked about 92 hours in the game, with the largest amount of time spent playing as the offensive hero Pharah.

Of course, leveling up in Overwatch isn’t as difficult as you may think. After you’ve reached level 23, you’ll only need to gain 23,000 experience points for each level after that. Leveling up quickly is all about playing up your chosen hero’s strengths, completing objectives, and helping your team out as much as you can. But it must be acknowledged that taking the time to actually sit down and hit level 100 requires a lot of dedication, and Fenderella certainly deserves that recognition. You can check out the archived Twitch stream where he hits level 100 here.

Plus, I bet he must’ve gotten a bunch of good legendary items from opening those 100 Loot Boxes by now.

What’s your Overwatch level at the moment? Let us know in the comments down below.

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