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Overwatch Celebrates Monday Motivation with an Uplifting Remix


Overwatch Celebrates Monday Motivation with an Uplifting Remix

Get motivated.

We all need a little spirit boost come Monday morning because…well, because it’s a Monday, and Mondays suck. It’s just a natural fact of life. To that end, Twitter users use the Monday Motivation hashtag every week where people send each other uplifting messages to get them hyped up for the work week. One Overwatch fan, Italian artist YukiSamui, went the extra mile and used quotes from the characters in the game to create a motivating message for all to listen to. Check it out below.

Is it cheesy as all hell? Probably, yes, but it’s nice to have someone rooting for you, even if those someones are cyborg ninjas, angel medics, giant monkeys, and bodybuilding Russians. (Then again, aren’t bodybuilding Russians the perfect people that you want to motivate you?) Still, it’s good to know that the Overwatch characters are always heroes, all the time.

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