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Here’s Final Fantasy XV’s Official North American Box Art


Here’s Final Fantasy XV’s Official North American Box Art

The gang’s all here.

E3 has officially begun, and information is starting to roll out on all the biggest games. Final Fantasy XV had a trailer at both Microsoft and Sony’s press conferences, then received some new information when Square Enix kicked off their E3 presentations. One of the pieces revealed was the official “nearly finished” North American box art for the game, which Square says is 98-99 percent complete.

The art features a low angle shot starring Noctis and company, with three towering figures floating imposingly in the sky ahead of them.The scene looks like the group could be preparing for some kind of battle, although it’s unknown what or who exactly the figures in the sky are.

Final Fantasy XV Box Art

Final Fantasy XV launches on September 30, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Square Enix announced a brand new retro sidescrolling beat-em-up called A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV, that launches as a pre-order bonus the same day as the main game for anyone that orders from Gamestop or EB Games. Additionally, the second episode of the prequel anime Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV launches today, and Square recently announced the film Kinsglaive will be hitting select theater around the U.S. in August.

What do you think of Final Fantasy XV’s box art? Make sure to stay tuned to Twinfinite for more E3 coverage.


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