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God of War’s Composer Viewed Live E3 Orchestra as “Terrifying and Thrilling”


God of War’s Composer Viewed Live E3 Orchestra as “Terrifying and Thrilling”

Give us that soundtrack now, tho

God of War kicked off Sony’s E3 presentation, but not before viewers were treated to a live orchestra performance from musical composer Bear McCreary. McCreary, best known for his work on Battlestar Galactica, Walking Dead, and Black Sails, continued orchestrating throughout the entire E3 demo, and he’ll be handling the music for the game itself.

In a blog post, he talks about how he’s “honored” to score Kratos’ next adventure and gave some insight on how he came aboard the project. He was approached by Sony Santa Monica in 2014, and after being asked about folk music, mythology, and Nordic ethnic instruments, he quickly deduced the identity of the then secret project. When it came time for the E3 demo, he worked closely with the development team to find solutions to allow him to follow the gameplay with the orchestra while Cory could play the game in real time. He viewed it as a “terrifying and thrilling challenge.”

God of War comes to the PS4 sometime next year. McCreary is hard at work on the music for the game, so here’s hoping the soundtrack releases around the same time as the new title.

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