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The Division’s 1.2 Patch Adds Dark Zone Bracket, Better Loot, Fixes, and More

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The Division’s 1.2 Patch Adds Dark Zone Bracket, Better Loot, Fixes, and More

Changes are inbound!

During today’s State of the Game Twitch Stream, Ubisoft Massive began to detail the big changes that will be coming as part of this month’s 1.2 patch for The Division.

One of the most notable features coming as part of patch 1.2 is the new bracket that will be added to the Dark Zone. This bracket will be only available for players with a 200 Gear Score and will add enemies with a level between 32-34. The incentive for heading into this new bracket of the Dark Zone is the loot on offer. According to Massive, this new bracket is where loot with a Gear Score of 204-240 will drop. As for any Division Tech that might drop in this new bracket, it will all be High End.

Ubisoft Massive are also looking further into loot drops as part of The Division’s 1.2 patch. During the State of the Game stream, Massive acknowledged that while 1.1 had made High End drops more common, the quality still wasn’t great. Therefore as part of patch 1.2, Massive is intending to be more generous with loot in terms of both quality and quantity. In doing so, they hope that this will make looting the main source of your equipment, rather than crafting.

Players will also be happy to hear that no items are getting nerfed during 1.2, instead “It’s all buffing.”

With regards to stability and fixes, Massive has acknowledged the disappointing release of 1.1 in terms of stability. Therefore in 1.2, Massive will be rigorously testing the patch before its release so as to avoid repeating the problems that players faced with 1.1. As for fixes, The One Is None and Reckless bugs will be fixed, as will issues with missions doors not opening after matchmaking, and Base of Operation Wings not activating.

What do you think of these suggested changes coming as part of The Division’s 1.2 patch? Let us know in the comments below.


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