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Former Titanfall Programmer Doubtful The Division’s Problems Can Be Fixed

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Former Titanfall Programmer Doubtful The Division’s Problems Can Be Fixed

Glenn Fiedler claims the PC version can’t be fixed without a full rewrite.

Former Titanfall Senior Programmer Glenn Fiedler is extremely doubtful that the PC version of The Division can be fixed, but claims that fix for the console versions of the game is possible.

In case you’re not up to date on the various problems that The Division is facing, here’s a brief rundown. Players are currently able to fall through the world, as well as tricking NPC enemies into killing certain Incursion bosses for them. We recently published a feature detailing all the ways in which The Division still needs fixing.

Posting via his personal blog on Gaffer on Games, Fiedler identified that certain bugs within the game could very well be fixed by Ubisoft, however this optimism was then entirely lost when he saw the below video of players teleporting around the Falcon Lost Incursion, while also tricking the NPC enemies into killing the boss of the mission.

Fiedler states that The Division is “most likely using a trusted client network model,” and that this means the answer as to whether the bugs can be fixed on PC is “basically no.” However the veteran stated that fixes for the console versions of the game are possible, provided that Ubisoft “fix all lag switch timing exploits and disable player moving and shooting while lag switch usage is detected.”

The former Titanfall developer claims that there is no way to prevent hackers from modifying any value stored in a PC’s memory, and because of this these problems can’t be fixed unless Ubisoft “rewrite most of their net code and game code around a server-authoratitive network model.”

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