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Every Way The Division Still Needs Fixing


Every Way The Division Still Needs Fixing

Trouble in paradise.

The Division has been out for a little over a month now after having released to some strong reception. This new take on the shared-world shooter dropped players into a New York City ravaged by a biological attack. Players took on the role of an Agent as they entered no man’s land and fought to take the city back.

Even the way that The Division handled PvP was interesting when compared to its competition. An open area full of opportunities and threats invited players into an engaging and tense experience. As far as anyone could tell, Ubisoft and Massive had done an amazing job in creating this ambitious new IP.

Unfotunately, as time progresses, some cracks are beginning to show, leaving many frustrated with the current state of affairs. All hope is not lost though, as the developers have time to fix what’s wrong the game. If they can’t fix every single thing wrong, there are a few points definitely deserving of special attention.

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