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Star Wars Almost Had an RTS, and Here’s What Could Have Been

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Star Wars Almost Had an RTS, and Here’s What Could Have Been


The Star Wars gaming franchise has gone through multiple genres, from action-RPG to shooter to racing. One genre that it hasn’t really explored as much as the other genres is RTS, with the last ones being that Galactic Battlegrounds PC game back in 2002 and Empire at War in 2006. But Game Informer found that one RTS title was in development at some point in recent years and has since been canceled. You can check it out here (Vimeo won’t let you watch it unless it’s through that page).

Vimeo user Elise Baldwin says that she was the audio director on this now defunct game, said to be in development for over a year. Her LinkedIn profile shows that she worked at EA from 2003 until last year and had a game that was in development from 2014 to 2015 that got canned.

This game apparently went through three engine and platform changes and featured simulation and tactical combat modes. The video makes it clear that the game would’ve been set during the Original Trilogy, but Elise didn’t say whether or not the prequels were on the table as well. Since EA has sort of announced Battlefront 2 and plan on releasing a new Star Wars game every year, this could be revived and put out?

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