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Pokémon Fans, Behold This Rowlet Plush


Pokémon Fans, Behold This Rowlet Plush

Let the plush owl invasion begin.

Yesterday, the world met Pokémon’s next generation of starters. Pokémon Sun and Moon will once again offer a classic trio of choices, this time with Fire type Litten, Water type Popplio, and Grass/Flying type Rowlet.

But all anyone really cares about is Rowlet.

That’s why the adorable Rowlet plushies have already started descending. This plush comes courtesy of Piquipauparro (via Nintendo Life), standing at barely 4.5″ in height. Piquipauparro specializes in all kinds of plush creations. Check out her other works and commission prices for more.

rowlet plush pokemon starter owl

The internet is enamored with the jolly ball of feathers that is Rowlet, whether because of its swanky leaf bow-tie, its new Leafage ability, or because it can do this.

Which new starter Pokémon is your favorite? If you’d like to join us in senselessly ranking them, head over here. And for more on Pokémon Sun and Moon, stay tuned to Twinfinite.

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