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Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Mobile Games Will Be Free to Play


Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Mobile Games Will Be Free to Play

Free to start, more like.

Nintendo announced last month that they would be developing mobile games for two of their popular exclusive series, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. According to a report posted on the Wall Street Journal today, it looks like both mobile apps will be free to play.

“TOKYO—Nintendo Co.’s next two smartphone games will be free to download, the company’s partner said on Wednesday, increasing the likelihood that long-loved console game titles will rank high even in fiercely competitive app stores.

Tokyo-based DeNA Co., which develops and runs its own smartphone games, teamed up with Nintendo, the Kyoto-based videogame powerhouse, last year for the joint project. They released their first title, Miitomo, earlier this year, and are expected to produce four more by March 2017.”

This is great news for fans of both series. Although it is highly likely that both mobile games will probably feature microtransactions, at least fans will be able to play through the games for free. Considering the success of this year’s Fire Emblem Fates, it makes sense to try to get the series name out for mobile gamers who might be fans of tactical games, but have not heard of the series.

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